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E2 Media City

Project details:

E2 Media City project is a combination of double and triple glazed insulated glass units with double silver solar control coating HSSN51/28 from Guardian on outer pane and a Low-e coating on inner pane. All of the panes are heat treated with sizes of 2.2m*3.5m. Application of Kingspan Insulation Foil.

Project description:

Glassbel’s first project in Manchester area, which was greatly successful. This modern development will offer comfortable centrally located accommodation for business and leisure visitors as well as new office space for global companies.

The unitized curtain walling is made from two types of metal panels, one is matt and the second is with contrasting brushed effect, combined with high performance double glazing units.

An additional key feature of this project is customized quality tolerances, which are stricter than industry standards. This requires more precision in online quality control and inspection processes within the company. Further to that, it was a first project with Kingspan insulation foil, which was applied to spandrel units.

Project info

  • Location: Manchester, UK
  • Area (sqm.): 1910 sqm.
  • Architect: Chapman Taylor