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KhiB design academy

Project details:

KHiB features triple glazed insulated glass units with double silver solar control coating on HSSN70/37 from Guardian on outer pane and laminated tempered inner pane with fritting. General glass sizes of 1.3m*3.2m dominated in project. Coating on both outer and inner panes result in maximum energy efficiency with a total insulated glass thickness of 58mm.

Project description:

KHiB is art and design facilities located under one roof. The Snøhetta architects design intent was to create an eastethic building that would compile current project and activities to a single public audience. Bergen Academy became not only a university, but also a new public and entertainment place with library, cafes, presentation zones, and outdoor terraces.

Due to interesting design, the façade looks light and attractive with a combination of aluminium plates. Extra Large dimensions of insulated glass units allow enjoying in natural sunlight.

Project info

  • Location: Bergen, Norway
  • Area (sqm.): 1860 sqm.
  • Architect: Snøhetta