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Project details:

Double glazed insulated glass units with high selective coating HSSN51/28 from Guardian distinguish this project. Extra-large dimensions of 3.0m*3.3m and outstanding tempering flatness.

Project description:

This is an outstanding project for Glassbel team, because we were trusted to supply glass units of the highest quality standart for one of the most well-known architectural buro. 
The special features of this project is the Clients requirement to make a "step" of 3 mm between the inner and outer pane for insulated glass units in sizes 3.0m*3.3m to ensure that the edge gasket seals against the outer pane. Such minimal offset requires careful and precise insulated glass assembly. For this project, a severe quality control system was implemented for each item and above the standard for the glass industry.

The project required excellent optical quality for the tempered glass together with extra transparency.

Glassbel’s tempering oven has an additional mode of operation, which is a pre-heating zone to ensure minimal optical distortion. SentryGlasPlus, an innovative material for lamination, which has superior strength and more transparent, than standard PVB film, allowed us to achieve the transparency of the facade.

This project successfully delivered for a prestigious architectural buro demonstrates the service that is necessary for the most sophisticated and significant challenges.

Project info

  • Location: London, UK
  • Area (sqm.): 1200 sqm.
  • Architect: Norman Foster