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RRB Bank (BKK)

Project details:

Special ultra complicated glazing solution with special metallized SEFAR mesh. Double glazing units with outer laminated pane consists of fully tempered and heat soak tested glasses (one of them is with high selective coating) and SEFAR mesh with printed red color. Inner pane is fully tempered and heat soak tested with Low-E coating. Structural glazing. Complex irregular shapes.

Project description:

New building Belarusian Bank of Development and Reconstruction was firstly designed like Belarusian Potash Company office. 

Professional solutions in glazing of Belarusian Potash Company office allowed us to realize the architect's ambitious idea and to create a comfortable and efficient modern façade to a world-class office building.

The most unusual and memorable part in the form of red sylvinite crystal is a unique element of the building with the use of innovative material – special metallized fabric for lamination. Belarusian Potash Company office is just the 2nd project in the world with the use of such special technology.

Red glass “crystal” is a result of cooperation between GLASSBEL team, Architectural Bureau Varabyeu & Partners and the Client. The difficulty was to reach the intense red color of sylvinite with highlights and shades outside, however, providing natural visibility from the inside without the colour influencing the vision.

Several options were considered including digital and silk printing, uncolored films for lamination.

The best alternative was chosen: the use laminated glass with an innovative material – a special synthetic fabric with metallized coating.

In this project, laminated glass with Sefar mesh is not only a decorative element, it also provides high energy performance due to used glasses with multifunctional and Low-E coatings, “warm” spacer for structural glazing and argon filling.

This product has solar-control properties, which save premises from overheating. Also, it has increased strength and meets security requirements.

Structural glazing system with a high load capacity and a high thermal performance was selected for the "crystal". The difficulty was the irregular shapes of IGUs in the form of a parallelogram with big size and weight.

For the main façade glazing a stick system with opening vent lights was used, but due to the usage of flat clamp straps the effect of "structural glazing" was achieved. To provide the best thermal performance, TGUs with “warm” spacers, and two Low-E coating were used.

Project info

  • Location: Minsk, Belarus
  • Area (sqm.): 6781 sqm.
  • Architect: Varabyeu & Partners