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Umea Station

Project details:

Umea Train Station can outlined for its complicated insulated glass structure, which is combined with a use of high selective coating from Guardian as well as spider fixing system on the inner pane. Impressive dimensions of 1.7m*3.5m with a complicated design and toggle glazed system.

Project description:

Umea train station was designed by architect Lennart Sjögren (White Arkitekter) and opened in August, 2010. The building is located in the main tourist centerofthe city. It is a harmonious combination of wood and glass with the point fixed support structure that creates a unique façade look.

The construction of a station is made in a minimalistic way, although large format glasses and complicated triple glazed units were used for façade glazing. The outer pane of insulated glass unit was laminated glass with a multifunctional solar control coating and fixed by a spider system through the inner laminated glass.

Umea Ostra train station can be name as a great example of the local development taking place with the shared objective of applying wooden construction technique and glass in a larger buildings.

Project info

  • Location: Umea, Sweden
  • Area (sqm.): 2600 sqm.
  • Architect: Lennart Sjögren (White Arkitekter)