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Hertfordshire University

Project details:

Double glazing units with unique design: SEFAR mesh in outside laminated glass and Mirastar inner glass. 

Project description:

New 4-storey science building at the University of Hertfordshire will provide state of laboratories and research facilities as well as support and social areas.

The most noticeable and unusual stop-eye element of the façade was made from decorative big sized double glazing units with SEFAR technology. Outside laminated glass contains copper or chromium coated special synthetics fabric which creates one-side vision effect: mirror metallized appearance from outside and neutral view through the glass from inside. Choosing different type of metal coating or digitally printed image you could achieve any necessary color or pattern. Together with two types of fabric’s thickness and different percentage of open space such solution gives unlimited possibilities for façade design.

Inner pane of the unit is new advanced product from Saint-Gobain: Mirastar glass, non-silvered thermally toughened mirror designed special for architectural glazing. Additionally perimeter digital printing was applied in order to hide secondary sealing and spacer’s edge.   

Project info

  • Location: Hertfordshire, UK
  • Area (sqm.): 390 sqm.
  • Architect: Sheppard Robson Architects