Triple glazing units with outer pane with special high selective coating with “black” appearance, inner laminated pane with sound control properties and low-e coating. High quality bonding for spandrel units. Double glazing units for point fixing. 


Location: Minsk, Belarus

Area: 7 500 sqm.

Architect: Ugis Zabers

Project description

Hilton Double Tree together will shopping and entertaining mall Galleria Minsk became the part of world famous hotels network “Hilton”. It is the second project with “Hilton” corporation for GLASSBEL.

For this hotel we supply triple glazing units for structural glazing systems. To create unusual stylish black appearance of the façade new AGC coating Stopray Titanium is used on the outside tempered pane. As we had successful experience working with this coating and its special tempering recipe we have entrusted to take part in this project.

Because the hotel is located on the busy transport avenue in order to create comfortable staying for the visitors inside laminated glass of TGUs includes special sound control interlayer.

More than 2000 sqm of unitized façade elements were used both for spandrel zones and opening windows.  We made bonding of customer’s frames with our glazing units in our production site. We could guarantee the controlled quality tolerances of pre-fabricated elements. 

One more product that we supplied for this project is extra large glazing units for spider glazing. 

Hilton Double Tree Belarus Minsk Hilton Double Tree Belarus Minsk Hilton Double Tree Belarus Minsk Hilton Double Tree Belarus Minsk
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