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Project details:

Triple glazing units with outstanding energy saving level: high selective coating on the outer pane, low-e coating on the inner pane, all glasses are fully tempered. 

Project description:

The new aqua park in Minsk is the fifth largest in Europe. Majority of the facade to the buildings are fully glazed to create a light and open feel to the interior. The glass façades high insulating properties maintains a warm climate and a feeling of summer holidays inside. The park complex is spread over 38 hectares, during summer the number of visitors can reach 2 000 people and in winter approximately 1 600. This required an innovative construction solution for the project.

The Aqua Park in Minsk became the first project in Belarus to combine architecture style with precise performance characteristics in an unusual environment and to a tight budget. The high façade thermal resistance (1.3W/m2K), high light transmission and low solar gain provide comfort to visitors in any season with large areas of façade glazing.

GLASSBEL provided energy efficient IGU’s based on specified limits and project conditions. We carried out testing with the façade company to ensure the specified characteristics were met.

Energy efficient triple glazed units were used with the following composition: a high selective coating to the external pane that has a 62/34 ratio of light transmission to solar factor, an inner pane with a Low Еmissivity coating and “warm edge” spacers and argon filling to provide optimum insulation and solar control.

This project illustrates that modern architectural projects are becoming more complex and sophisticated and to provide our Clients with the best solution, GLASSBEL cooperates with all participants in the project development from Client, architect, façade company and contractor to provide value and a quality product.

Project info

  • Location: Minsk, Belarus
  • Area (sqm.): 3400 sqm.