Laminated shaped glass consists of low-iron glasses painted with white color.


Location: Moscow, Russia

Area: 12 820 sqm.

Architect: AECOM

Project description

New stadium of the football Club «Spartak» - "Otkrytie Arena" has capacity of 44,000 of spectators. It was opened in summer 2014 and will host matches of the World Football Cup 2018.

The main architectural idea is to use façade glazing from rhombus shaped glasses in brand colors of "Spartak" club – red and white. Play of colors and shapes creates dynamic modern façade appearance. Glass panels are made from laminated low-iron glass with ceramic paint in specified RAL color. Low-iron glass do not have greenish tint which is typical for float glass. It allows to render the color of painted glass without distortions. Due to fusing of ceramic paint into glass during tempering painted glass do not fade over time keeping color brightness. Laminated glass with the use of tempered glass with Heat Soak Test which eliminates possibility of spontaneous glass breakage due to nickel sulphide inclusions.

Complexity of the project is a variety of nonrectangular shapes including irregular hexagons. For high accuracy edge treatment BAZ Water Jet is used. 

Otkritie Arena (Spartak) Russia Moscow Otkritie Arena (Spartak) Russia Moscow Otkritie Arena (Spartak) Russia Moscow Otkritie Arena (Spartak) Russia Moscow
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