Extremely complicated shaped glazing units with unique design. Outer pane is fully tempered and laminated with SentryGlas interlayer: silk printing on surface #2, solar control coating on surface #3 as well as translucent matt painting on surface #4; inner pane is fully tempered with low-e coating. Schueco structural glazing system.


Location: Kazan, Russia

Area: 1 600 sqm.

Architect: SPEECH

Project description

Thanks to the building of Palace of Water Sports, Kazan won the bid to host World cup. The project is designed for 4500 spectators and is built upon modern requirements.

We contributed to solutions in architecture of this project. The architect’s idea was façade, which imitates water surface. In order to create this effect, IGUs with complex silk printing were used. For their roduction the big quantity of silks was necessary because of complex shapes of glazing units.

We proposed our technical decision, which completely satisfied high demands from this project: IGU must be non-transparent, in addition let visible light through, outside stripes must be seen, and also there was necessity to provide low heat transfer. Moreover in this object structural glazing with frame Schueco must be used. The offered formula was: outer triplex: silk printing stripes on the first glass, SentryGlas film for high resistance power and better adhesion characteristics, matt silk printing on the second glass with the Stopsol Classic Grey coating on the 3rd position, Schueco frame, inner glass in IGU – with low-E coating. In such a case, all the IGUs have complex nonsquare shapes and are used in structural glazing.    

Water Sports Palace Russia Kazan Water Sports Palace Russia Kazan Water Sports Palace Russia Kazan
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