Clear and spandrel double glazing units with outer and inner fully tempered glasses, outer pane contains HP coating. Schueco structural façade system.


Location: Sochi, Russia

Area: 5 313 sqm.

Project description

The Adler station wasbe the main traffic route into the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 and it is the biggest transportation hub in southern Russia. It is the only station in the world that combines all kinds of transport: rail, road, air and sea.

The Adler station is situated on the seaside and the building design mimics a wave breaking onto the city. This idea is implemented through the combination of transparent and opaque IGUs with ceramic roller paint. A custom made RAL color was used for the ceramic roller painting onto the glass which helps to blend the building into the surrounding landscape. A structural glazing system as selected to reduce the effect of the curtain wall framing and to provide visitors with a feeling of light and openness.

Adler Station Russia Sochi Adler Station Russia Sochi Adler Station Russia Sochi
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