Double glazing units with both outer and inner panes laminated. Outer pane is with high selective coating. Structural Schueco façade system.


Location: Moscow, Russia

Area: 3 880 sqm.

Architect: Dmitry Pshenichnikov

Project description

Sheremetyevo International Airport is the largest airport servicing regular international flights in Russia. In autumn 2009, as part of the modernization program, Terminal D put into service ( area of ​​172 sq. m. , is designed for 12 million passengers per year). As a result of the modernization program, Sheremetyevo International Airport is committed to strengthening its position as one of the leading European airports, in its work implementing the ideas of innovative leadership , quality and high economic efficiency.

While designing of Terminal D there was a task to design a building that meets all modern and advanced trends in world architecture and transport infrastructure. The main goal of the architects was to create bright expressive ensemble, which will be the main aviation gateway to Russia.

The project was awarded for the original architectural design at the first Russian independent award in architecture and development: «ARX Awards» in the category «Best Project of Transport Infrastructure».

The problem of acoustic comfort for visitors to the airport has been solved by means of soundproof glass. Selection of the optimal formula of glazing allowed the project to achieve bespoke level of noise exposure reduction.

Sheremetyevo Airport Russia Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Russia Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Russia Moscow
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