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6 Apr 2017

Façades Plus Conference in New York

Façades Plus Conference in New York

Facades+ is a premier conference on high-performance building enclosures. It offers an outstanding opportunity to interact with the movers and shakers of the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry. 

Glassbel is entering a US market with its experience and high portfolio of projects completed all over the world. Glassbel introduced itself and met with façade consultants, business developers, and potential clients.

Facades Plus speakers included the biggest names facade design and fabrication, like Gordon GillAntoine Predock, and James Timberlake.

During workshop process at symposium, the thoughts translate into actions. The participants can exchange experience, which is gained through years of work in glass and facades industry.

23 Mar 2017

Luxatia International Conference and Summit

Luxatia International Conference and Summit

Glassbel is an engineering company that is growing every day and searching for a new solutions to be developed in the market. Hence, Glassbel R&D Department took a participation in one of the most outstanding strategic summits and presented a topic on “Innovative BIPV Facades”.

Nowadays solar market is facing more challenges than solutions. There are even more obstacles when a product of BIPV is considered. Despite all renewable energy, it is still very important and relevant, that future depends on green energy. This is the main reason why R&D in this field is strongly supported by EU government. 

Modified production lines enable automatic manufacturing of different shape and size glass/glass PV modules. It not only can use different color cells in one PV module, but it also can use different array of cells in one string and module. 

One of the offered “know-how” presented is the art of digital printer that enables to print high definition (720 DPI) pictures on the glass. It offers architects for limitless design of facade. Ink used for this printer is ceramic based and it must be heat treated that is why such glass can be used in façade, and it is resistant to aging.

8 Mar 2017

BUPA Regent Building (Manchester)

BUPA Regent Building (Manchester)

Project information:

  • Location: Manchester;
  • Area: 4.600 sq.m.
  • Architect: Chapman Taylor;

Glassbel is delighted to announce about a new project start up in Manchester area – Bupa Regent Building. The Regent building will become one of the UK’s leading private health care centre. The building is situated in a noticeable area in front of Manchester Ship Canal.

The Grade A office scheme aims to reach BREEAM Excellent.

Main project features are double glazed insulated glass units with triple silver solar control glass Xtreme 60/28 from Saint Gobain range. While both outer and inner panes are heat strengthened and laminated to ensure maximum safety, and triple silver coating for energy efficiency. In addition to that, silk printing design on inner laminate allows introducing an extraordinary concept of the building: transparent and smooth façade with fritted details.

The glass installation started in February of 2017, and due to on time deliveries of Glassbel team, our client is already a head of glazing program. 

GLASSBEL in the USA market

The new stage in GLASSBEL evolution is the development into the USA market. We started deliveries of sophisticated complex products to the USA for exclusive private residences in New York and Los Angeles. We supplied JUMBO size double and triple glazed units with such features as low iron, super selective coatings, complex laminated glass of big thickness with special interlayers (SentryGlasPlus), stepped glazed units with grey silicone and butyle etc. 


The central GLASSBEL Office in Klaipeda became the main demonstration site for SmartFlex project. GLASSBEL actively participates in SmartFlex  Programm from the very beginning of project like a producer of final product - insulated glass units with integrated PV cells (BiPV).

4 Jul 2016

LEAN system

We are constantly thinking about improvement of our business and its efficiency. One of the last steps was introducing the LEAN model in GLASSBEL. What is LEAN? It is a systematic approach to the identification and elimination of waste and non-value added activities through employee development and continuous improvement in all products and services.