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Project details:

Project main figures are triple glazed insulated glass units with extra big dimensions of 1.2m*5.1m. A combination of solar control coating 40/23 on the outer pane and a Low-e coating on inner pane, makes a glass unit energy efficient with a U-value of 0.5 W/m2K.

Project description:

Fornebuporten is a new business complex to be built near Oslo at the very entrance to the Fornebu peninsula. This is the largest project of this type in the history of Norway. The architect design resulted in a transparent façade. 

Fornebuporten ground floor is designed to be a welcoming and transparent zone, with a continuous curtain wall from floor to ceiling. The office volumes seem to float over the public ground floor restaurants, coffee shops and cafeterias. The complex together with underground space will occupy 80.000 sq. m. 

Glazing was done using unitized curtain walling system: assembled elements are completely prefabricated in the production workshop. Nowadays this is the most advanced technology of façade glazing.

Project info

  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Area (sqm.): 3130 sqm.
  • Architect: Dark Arkitekter