Glassbel Logo


Project details:

Glassbel office features laminated and digitally printed glass units. Maximum sizes of 1.5m*2.8m that are digitally printed on low iron glass with a design of Glassbel logo on a double skin façade.

Project description:

GLASSBEL became a partner of SmartFlex within the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme. The project focuses on the manufacture of individually designed photovoltaic facade elements on an industrial scale. GLASSBEL is involved in this project as a producer of the final product – insulated glass units with integrated PV cells (BiPV). 

GLASSBEL Baltic office in Klaipeda became a major test building for the project SmartFlex. We installed 90 pcs. of glass panels for double skin façade with about 5000 pcs. of PV cells. Estimated energy generation is 100 MW per year. Currently, Glassbel façade is under testing. 

We expect that this solution will be revolutionary in glass industry: no gas, no pipelines, no heating batteries – only glass and PV solution!

Project info

  • Location: Klaipeda, Lithuania
  • Area (sqm.): 600 sqm.