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Project details:

Shaped laminated glass for point fixing: fully tempered with solar control coating.

Project description:

The Kaunas Technological University Building complex of science, education and business illustrates some of the most modern technologies in architecture. The futuristic design of the building is emphasized by the “double skin” façade with shaped glass and point fixings.

The glass in the “double skin” façade is designed to withstand large wind and dead loads. Based on results of calculations in special glass software, GLASSBEL engineers proposed the glass thickness to withstand the loads and deflections within the acceptable design limits.

Glass in façades, roofs and canopies can be highly stressed by static and imposed loads (wind and snow, temperature and climate changes, dead load). If the deflections or loads in the glass exceed the limits, the glass can break and to prevent this from occurring, calculations are made based on determined loads, dimensions and the type of fixing system to ensure safety. The results of these calculations using the special glass software, allow us to check whether the chosen configuration is safe and to recommend the optimum glazing configuration to meet the design loads. 

Project info

  • Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Area (sqm.): 1600 sqm.