Triple glazed insulated glass units with low iron laminated outer pane and big dimensions up to 1.7x4.7m. 972 mm step on the outer pane. Using of double silver coating HSSN70/41 from Guardian allowed to achieve best possible U-value and to maintain high light transmission.


Location: Oslo, Norway

Area: 136 sqm.


Project description

An extraordinary solution of a safety glazing for the office "Lillehaugen" in Oslo.

here is a swimming pool on the roof, and the railing of terrace is an extension of the façade insulated glass units– the «step» of outside glass. The height of a stepped part of the glass is 972 mm. Nevertheless, an assembly of insulated glass units should have been done manually, it resulted in a special innovative solution, which provides high durability and safety in case of breakage.

Lillehaugen Norway Oslo Lillehaugen Norway Oslo Lillehaugen Norway Oslo
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