Audi Funari Caserta S.P.A
Double glazed units with high selective coating and inner laminated pane. Special shapes, all glasses were treated by BAZ.


Location: Caserta, Italy

Area: 390 sqm.

Project description

GLASSBEL has supplied glazing to many car showrooms for famous dealers all around the world. For example, Audi Funari Caserta in Italy. The complex shape of the IGUs are the special feature of this project.

Due to the complex shapes, some IGUs with rounded sides, the glass could only be made only by water jet cutting (BAZ water jet). BAZ can cut glass in customized shapes and also to grind and polish the edges to a high quality.

The high selective coating provides a neutral appearance, low reflectivity and high transparency of glazing, a very important requirement to show the product while maintain the thermal insulation of the building. The inner laminated glass guaranteed safety for visitors and provided an additional strength for large IGUs.

Audi Funari Caserta S.P.A Italy Caserta Audi Funari Caserta S.P.A Italy Caserta
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