Project is distinguished with oversized extra transparent double glazed insulated glass units of complex arc shapes.


Location: London, UK

Area: 2 200 sqm.

Architect: Heatherwick Studio

Project description

Coal Drops Yard is unique refurbishment of historic place of London. First built in 1850, the historic coal drop buildings were firstly used until as a place to receive and store coal from the north of England, then hosted nightclubs, offices and some light industry. Ambitious project combines the bold re-use of the historic buildings at Coal Drops Yard with high-quality contemporary architecture that will create a unique shopping destination and major new public space at the heart of King’s Cross.

The glazing solution is performed by complex arc shaped oversized double glazing units consists only of low iron glasses. Absolutely transparent glazing perfectly matches the main architects’ idea to save historical style but to bring high technologies and innovations.

Coal Drops Yard UK London Coal Drops Yard UK London Coal Drops Yard UK London
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