The project is distinguished by oversized double glass units with triple silver coating SNX 50/23, silk printed pattern and both outer and inner laminated panes for structural glazing. Acoustic comfort inside is provided by using of sound control film.  


Location: Dublin, Ireland

Area: 5 000 sqm.

Architect: Arrow Architects, RKD Architects

Project description

Dublin Landings is new urban quarter in The Dublin’s Docklands.  It provides over 1 million square feet of offices, apartments and shops, and becomes a new commercial heart of the Irish capital. Inspired by Ireland’s coast and woodlands, Dublin Landings will be unique in the city, inviting in elements from the country’s evocative natural landscape.

The composition of large scaled DGUs includes outer pane laminated and heat strengthened with silk printing and triple silver coating SNX 50/23, inner pane also laminated and heat strengthened with soundproof interlayer. All units contain U-profiles for structural glazing faсade system.

Dublin Landings Ireland Dublin Dublin Landings Ireland Dublin
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