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Bahai Temple

Project details:

Bahai Temple features laminated glass units comprising out of low iron lites and digitally printed in white colour. Main sizes are 2.5m*3.5m with a dot gradient digital frit.

Project description:

Glassbel supplied digitally printed glass for Bahai Temple in Chile, which consisted of tempered laminated glass with a dot-matrix solar control and design.

It should be emphasized that more than 180 architects from 80 countries took part in competition to design the Bahai Temple in Chile. 

In addition, Bahai Temple consists of nine translucent leaves made from marble with a glass infill.

The main feature of this design is to illuminate the leaves with natural light during the day and using a special backlighting system during the night.

Dot-matrix pattern provides value to the client because functionality and expression are incorporated into one product. The white dot pattern reflects the sun’s rays preventing overheating, whilst providing sufficient daylight levels inside the building and diffusing the light making it softer and more expressive.

Each Temple is a unique architectural masterpiece and the Temple in North America was named as one of the Seven Wonders of Illinois, the Lotus Temple in New Delhi received several prestigious architectural awards and is one of the most visited sites in India.

Project info

  • Location: Santiago, Chile
  • Area (sqm.): 350 sqm.