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Clarion Hotel

Project details:

Double glazing units for structural glazing with outstanding noise reduction level: outer pane is fully tempered with solar control coating; inner pane is laminated with sound reduction film. 

Project description:

Located in close vicinity to the airport runway, Clarion Hotel Arlanda is part of Sweden largest hotel empire. 13-storey building of glass and granite, which rises above the runway, is located next to the Arlanda Airport and has direct access to Sky City.

In this project the emphasis, more than ever, was placed on the environment and sustainable development, and this is reflected in the interior as well as in the elegant arched facade profile. This architectural solution has provided a sound comfort inside the hotel, which was a critical task, taking into account the proximity to the airport. We offered a special solution for soundproofing interior, implementing in the project special product – laminated glass with sound control effect.

The facade is graphic horizontal pattern of glass and stone, which creates the association with air transport and fast motion. Also the unique feature of the project is high quality of tempering: optical reflection on the glass facade is not distorted. This gives even more lightness and elegance to such a massive building.

Project info

  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Area (sqm.): 1000 sqm.
  • Architect: SWECO