The faсade glazing is performed by big double glazing units with high safety level due to both outer and inner panes are laminated and heat strengthened. Structural glazing system with inserted U-profiles.


Location: Kildare, Ireland

Area: 4 500 sqm.

Architect: Grimshaw Architects

Project description

New development for Curragh Racecourse will provide world-class facilities while respecting the unique landscape that gives the Curragh its identity. The project includes a major new grandstand which incorporates five star corporate facilities, restaurants, bars and superb viewing facilities for the public.

GLASSBEL supply double glazing units for structurally glazed façade. As outer and inner panes are laminated and contains all heat strengthened glasses, the high security level is achieved that is always required for public spaces.  Necessary energy saving rate is provided by Guardian coating from high selective range HS SN  70/41.

Curragh Race Ireland Kildare Curragh Race Ireland Kildare
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