Keflavik Airport features double glazed insulated glass units with both Aluminium and Copper Sefar mesh combining with double silver coating HSSN70/41 from Guardian range. Maximum sizes of 1.7x4.0m.


Location: Keflavik, Iceland

Area: 1 100 sqm.

Project description

Keflavik Airport was GLASSBEL’s first project in Iceland, when we were recommended to our client by Sefar. This introduction led to a strong partnership, which resulted in a supply of extraordinary insulated glass units with Sefar synthetic fabric to Keflavik. What is so special and unique about this mesh?

Outside it creates a sparkling metal surface, but inside, it is absolutely neutral and does not disturb the view. An additional advantage of Sefar mesh are solar control properties. Futher to that, both colours of mesh are complementing each other and are creating an extraordinary look of the building.

Keflavik Airport Iceland Keflavik Keflavik Airport Iceland Keflavik Keflavik Airport Iceland Keflavik
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