23 March 2017

Luxatia International Conference and Summit

GLASSBEL is an engineering company that is growing every day and searching for a new solutions to be developed in the market. Hence, Glassbel R&D Department took a participation in one of the most outstanding strategic summits and presented a topic on “Innovative BIPV Facades”.

Nowadays solar market is facing more challenges than solutions. There are even more obstacles when a product of BIPV is considered. Despite all renewable energy, it is still very important and relevant, that future depends on green energy. This is the main reason why R&D in this field is strongly supported by EU government.

Modified production lines enable automatic manufacturing of different shape and size glass/glass PV modules. It not only can use different color cells in one PV module, but it also can use different array of cells in one string and module.

One of the offered “know-how” presented is the art of digital printer that enables to print high definition (720 DPI) pictures on the glass. It offers architects for limitless design of facade. Ink used for this printer is ceramic based and it must be heat treated that is why such glass can be used in façade, and it is resistant to aging.
Luxatia International Conference and Summit
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