Tracking deliveries to any point all over the world on 24/7 basis. Using certified metal craneable stillages and wooden crates.
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Customer service 24/7
For facade contractors

Support in tenders providing technical data sheets and advising on optimal glass compositions, advice during the design phase, providing static/dynamic calculations assistance. Fast-track samples and mock-ups production, just in time deliveries of top quality glass products either to production facilities or to the project sites, no matter where they are located and support with all required technical and QA related documentation;

For facade consultants and designers

Competent and technically driven advice on different glass processing methods and materials selection possibilities, sample production and testing;

For developers

Advice on optimal value for money and best ROI for the progressive glass/facade solutions, which would secure long term value;

For architects

Provision of aesthetically ambitious ideas in glass products, ensuring transparency, reflection and visual characteristics.

Cost estimation
  • Strict compliance of commercial offers to project‘s specification
  • Evaluation of required value engineering options
  • Preparation of Prequalification Form for the projects
  • Accurate advices on technical documentation
  • Estimation of optimal delivery and logistics solutions to site
Cost estimation
  • Effective solutions for optimized production
  • Deliveries of remakes and breakages to our customers on priority basis
  • Availability of raw materials on stock
  • Booking of production capacities on project basis
Project management
  • Prompt and accurate project handling
  • Individual project manager to every single customer
  • Online information about project status
  • Packing and delivery according to client‘s requirements
  • Flexible attitude to changes during any project phase
Project management
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
  • Quality assurance videos --> https://youtu.be/-d_AtDyA8H8
  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified
  • Multilayer Quality Assurance System
  • 100% quality control of raw materials
  • Online quality control during production process
  • Fine-tuned to specific product technological processes
  • Quality control of final product
  • Working according to special quality requirements set specifically to different projects
Packing and Logistics
  • Video of packing and logistics --> https://youtu.be/VvfzyHsXCLQ
  • Dispatching daily trucks all over Europe
  • Loading of containers online at factory and delivering straight to port
  • Delivering on open specialized platform
  • Packing according to client‘s requirements
  • Using certified metal craneable stillages and wooden crates
  • Special positioning on stillages based on facade drawings in order to make glass installation easier and faster
Packing and Logistics
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