Structural façade glazing is performed by double glazing units with outer fully tempered pane with high selective coating and inner laminated sound control glass.


Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Area: 5 000 sqm.

Architect: AMBRASO Architecture bureau

Project description

The expressive architectural style of the A-class business centre Baltic Hearts is intended to express the company’s image and provide an exclusive place of work. The offices designed in the closest vicinity. The arched forms of the three structures of Baltic Hearts smoothly merge into the surrounding highway rhythm.

Enameled glass with customized RAL color hides floor decks, creating stylish fully glazed façade. The large windows provide the feeling of city life being inside the building. A special solution with sound control glazing reduces noise level to create a comfortable working environment. Comfort inside the building is provided through energy efficient glazing using a high selective coating and argon filling to ensure warmth in winter and protection from overheating in summer by reducing the solar gain. High transparency provides natural daylight and a neutral appearance provides visual comfort.

Baltic Hearts Lithuania Vilnius Baltic Hearts Lithuania Vilnius Baltic Hearts Lithuania Vilnius
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