Oversized energy efficient triple glazing units of great dimensions up to 3х4 meters with high soundproof level. Thermal performances are achived by using of high selective HSSN 70/37 coating together with Low E on the inner laminated pane.


Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Area: 380 sqm.

Architect: CF Moller

Project description

The office complex Bestseller located on the waterfront in Aarhus is surrounded by canals and lakes on all four sides. The mixture of office buildings and outdoor spaces creates the impression that this is a town within a town. Elegant clear façade is decorated by natural stone and glass panes.

Acoustics and thermal comfort inside is provided by triple glazed units of high energy saving rate due to using of high selective and Low E coatings. Impressive dimensions emphasize the clear lines of façade.

Bestseller Denmark Aarhus Bestseller Denmark Aarhus Bestseller Denmark Aarhus
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