“Second skin” faсade is performed by triangles of different dimensions made from tempered laminated panes contains Stopsol Supersilver reflective coating. All panes are with holes for point fixing system.


Location: Riga, Latvia

Area: 800 sqm.


Project description

The newly built office space for CSDD (Road and Traffic Safety Directorate) in Riga is remarkable by its expressive design of the façade: inclined and fractured glazed curtain wall. The goal for the Architects was to design an edifice in a relatively small site an absolutely functional and energy efficient building that responded to nowadays requirements and aesthetics. 

Laminated glass panes for “second skin” faсade contains reflective Stopsol Supersilver coating and have complex triangle shapes with holes for point fixing. All panes were treated by water jet.

CSDD Office Latvia Riga CSDD Office Latvia Riga
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