Dublin Exchange Building
Double glazing units for structural façade system. High selective coating provides high energy saving rate, inner laminated and heat strengthened pane for safety purpose.


Location: Dublin, Ireland

Area: 2 400 sqm.

Architect: KMD Architects

Project description

New Grade A six-storey office block in Dublin with LEED gold energy rating and a level of specification, finish and flexibility that will “meet and exceed” the needs of occupiers. It was formerly the Dublin Exchange Building, which has been demolished. The Exchange will have a glass and granite façade, floor-to-ceiling glazing and a full-height central atrium that will allow natural light into each of its six floors.

The composition of double glazed units includes outer heat strengthened pane with high selective coating HSSN 70/41 from Guardian range and inner heat strengthened and laminated pane. Such solution provides high thermal insulation properties together with safety and neutral visual appearance.

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