Project features double glazed insulated glass units with all panes being low iron and coating itself as well. Insulated glass units are suitable for structural glazed units and with Raico profiles. Maximum sizes of 1.3x2.9 m with extra tempering quality.


Location: London, UK

Area: 465 sqm.


Project description

Lacon House is a spectacular GLASSBEL project in London’s Midtown: a refurbishment of existing building into Grade A modern office space.

GLASSBEL’s scope of work included new glazing of entrance and internal atrium.

This is one of the best examples how low iron glasses can change an appearance even of a small project. All insulated glass unit panes were heat treated and heat soak tested for required improved safety conditions.

As a result – an extra transparent glazing with highly advanced glass performance parameters.

Lacon House UK London Lacon House UK London Lacon House UK London Lacon House UK London
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