Swan features extra transparent double glazed insulated glass units that can be outlined by their big sizes of 2.3x2.7 m. Double silver coating on low iron substrate to increase light transmission and to reduce glares of a faсade. Both outer and inner panes are laminated for safety issues and allowed to result in best thermal insulation figures.


Location: London, UK

Area: 800 sqm.

Architect: GMW

Project description

Swan (1 Undershaft) is a main public place that is located at the historic junction of Leadenhall Street and St. Mary Axe, and offers the third largest open space in the City of London. The reconstruction of first storeys of a famous Aviva Tower was a challenge to be achieved. 

The huge and massive glass panels supported by glass fins looking as balanced in the air as without any support, and do not stop urban landscape to enter into the hall. Double glazed units with low-iron glasses only allowed increasing this effect of lightness in open space. 

Swan UK London Swan UK London Swan UK London Swan UK London
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