White City London (BBC)
Faсade glazing is performed by double glazing units consists of outer low-iron glass with multifunctional coating and inner laminated low-iron pane.


Location: London, UK

Area: 3 540 sqm.

Architect: Allies & Morrison

Project description

White City Place is a new business district in west London; it is a part of ambitious regeneration project of White City district earlier occupied by BBC. New development will include more than 5000 modern designed apartments, over 2m sq ft of offices, shopping center, restaurants and other public facilities. White City Place will become commercial center of renovated White City area and will provide enabling environment both for existing business and start-up development.

Double glazing units consist of all low-iron glasses which don’t have specific green color like ordinary float glass. Because of this glazing is extremely transparent and in order to save this transparency without compromising its performance characteristics high selective multifunctional coating is applied on the outside glass pane. Such coating is low reflecting and have neutral appearance together with outstanding energy saving and solar control properties.

White City London (BBC) UK London White City London (BBC) UK London White City London (BBC) UK London White City London (BBC) UK London White City London (BBC) UK London
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