Extra large double IGUs up to 1,5×4,8 meters with complex composition: outer laminated pane with silk printing on surface #1 (dot-to-dot technology) and high selective coating on surface #4, inner pane is fully tempered.


Location: Wroclaw, Poland

Area: 5 000 sqm.

Architect: Architecture studio Glowacki

Project description

Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw is a special project. Project was finished within 4 months from the delivery date of IGUs, despite the complexity and volume of work (5,000 m2 of glass façade). The glass incorporated into the façade is an energy efficient double glazing with multifunctional high selective coating, “warm” spacer, argon filling and silk printing to the external surface.

The project design approval lasted more than a year. The glass solution was a composition of lamination glass with silk printing on the external surface and glass with magnetron multifunctional coating to the cavity.

Silk printing for this project was made by “twin dot” technology: the first, external facing color dots are applied to give the desired façade appearance. A covering black dot is applied on the top of first dot. The high quality of printing requires exact matching of the screen’s positioning during painting. In this project the dot diameter was 2 mm and the spacing between the dots was about 1 mm.

This technology is used for a “one-way vision” effect: by creating a “haze” design from the outside and at the same time neutral visual appearance from the inside.

ASP Wroslaw Poland Wroclaw ASP Wroslaw Poland Wroclaw ASP Wroslaw Poland Wroclaw ASP Wroslaw Poland Wroclaw
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