Latvian National Museum of Arts
Walkable IGUs of complex build up: with anti-slip coating, stepped, with the function of electrical heating, border digital print. Also walkable fire-resistant walkable IGUs. It’s great example how to realize ambitious architectural idea and meet all safety and functional requirements of public spaces.


Location: Riga, Latvia

Area: 250 sqm.

Architect: Processoffice and Andrius Skiezgelas Architecture

Project description

Our scope of works for refurbished building of Latvian National Museum of Arts include walkable glazing units for glass covered atrium in the middle of the square in front of the main entrance. Its purpose is to allow the visitors watching through it observing the everyday life of the museum, while also functioning as a skylight for the exhibition space.

Because of such special application glazing units have complex build up: outer laminated and fully tempered pane has special anti-slip pattern on the outer surface and border print to hide sealing zone and achieve perfect appearance. Inner pane is heatable in order to provide snow melting and prevent condensation. We also supplied walkable stepped and triple glazed fire-resistant units with anti-slip treatment too.

Latvian National Museum of Arts Latvia Riga Latvian National Museum of Arts Latvia Riga Latvian National Museum of Arts Latvia Riga
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