Extra thick shaped laminated glass with total thickness 63 mm with electrical heating. Low-iron glasses fully tempered with heat soak test.


Location: Lion, France

Area: 16 sqm.

Architect: Coop Himmelblau

Project description

The Musée des Confluences which was opened in 2014 in Lion is a science center and anthropology museum. Its outstanding appearance as crystal cloud of stainless steel and glass was many times named one of the most memorable and impressive museums in the world.

For this project we supplied extremely complicated extra thick and heavy laminated glass with electrical heating.

We found the solution for heating of complex irregular shaped glass dividing it into several zones with specially designed algorithm of heating. Total thickness the laminated panel is 63 mm, it consists of 4 fully tempered and heat soak tested low-iron glasses. The function of heating is snow melting at the bottom of a glass funnel where precipitation can accumulate.

Musee Des Confluences France Lion Musee Des Confluences France Lion Musee Des Confluences France Lion
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