National Museum of Qatar is distinguished by its complexity not only in design, but in implementation as well. Laminated toughened and heat soak tested glass of 24 mm with maximum dimensions of 2.7x5.7 m and digitally printed.


Location: Doha, Qatar

Area: 413 sqm.

Architect: Jean Nouvel

Project description

New building of National Museum of Qatar designed by Jean Nouvel grows from the sands of desert around the original 20th century palace of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Jassim Al Thani. It’s like a bridge between past and present of Qatar. The museum building consists of curved and flat shapes, which are similar to a desert rose. The main material for the outdoor finish is sand-colored concrete.

Glazing was performed by using complicated laminated shaped glass. Every unit was carefully checked by Burou Veritas before shipment to Qatar. Laminated glass was digitally printed with black color, creating gradient frit and shadow effect simultaneously. This is a perfect solution for solar shading in conditions of such a hot climate.

National Museum of Qatar Qatar Doha National Museum of Qatar Qatar Doha
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