The project features double glazed insulated glass units with digital printing both on inner and outer (on position #1) panes created «haze effect» of the façade and provided additional solar control performances. Grey silicone and butyl were used to emphasize the design idea.


Location: Dublin, Ireland

Area: 1 600 sqm.

Architect: Henry J. Lyons

Project description

The new building for Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland located at No.26 York Street. The new building extending the existing building stock by providing state of the art clinical and surgical training facilities as well as a new library, auditorium and sports facility.

For this project special shading solution was used – dot-in-dot digital printing which allows to control solar gain as well as create unique façade design with “haze effect”. Pattern was applied on position 1 (outside) that is possible if using special paints for outdoor application. In order to create perfectly smooth façade grey silicone and butyl were used for sealing. All glasses of double glazing units are low iron to achieve maximum transparency, inner pane is laminated with Sentry Glass interlayer. 

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