Double glazing units and laminated glass with electrical heating for snow melting. Double glazing units and laminated glasses also include glass with high selective coating, digitally printed dot pattern. Customized intelligent control system for easy operation, safety and effectiveness.


Location: Astana, Kazahstan

Area: 2 200 sqm.

Architect: SOM (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP)

Project description

Talan Towers is 135 000 sqm. multifunctional complex in the heart of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Two towers provides high quality office space and premium class hotel. The gallery between towers will be modern retail mall. The building respects all global principles of sustainable development and energy efficiency.

This project is new level in architecture in Kazakhstan and world famous international companies took part in its construction. For Talan Towers GLASSBEL proposed our advanced innovative solution Glass-HEAT, glazing units and laminated glass with electrical heating. Double glazing units for roof with function of heating also contain glass with high selective coating and silk printed pattern for additional solar control and aesthetics appearance. The same for laminated glass for canopies consists of three glasses. This projects shows that Glass-HEAT product could combine several functions in order to achieve all functional and design requirements for glazing.

The functions of heating – snow melting for roofs and canopies, and combined function of snow melting and condensate removal for pool skylight. 

We also supplied customized fully automated control system with specially designed software and user-friendly touch screens for on-line operation. To make the system energy efficient without compromising its effectiveness we divided it into two independent parts – for hotel and commercial parts. And intelligent control system allows operating the heating of different building’s parts separately.

Talan Towers Kazahstan Astana Talan Towers Kazahstan Astana Talan Towers Kazahstan Astana
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