Designed by Foster&Partners project is distinguished by big double glazing units with high selective HS SN 70/41 coating. Both outer and inner panes are laminated. Hi-Finity bonding solution.


Location: London, UK

Area: 7 200 sqm.

Architect: Foster&Partners

Project description

Premium apartments 250 City Road, designed by the world-renowned Architects, Foster and Partners creates a new landmark for London at the heart of one of the most vibrant areas of London. Impressive tower provides breath-taking views and a host of world class services for its occupants.

Designed to naturally conserve energy, the buildings’ mass provides protection from the noise and pollution of City Road, as well as blocking northerly winds, and the towers have been designed to minimise down draughts to create comfortable public spaces. Floor-to ceiling glazing is performed by double glazed units with soundproof laminated glass and high selective coating SunGuard HS SN 70/41 that provides comfort inside at any season. 

For this project we also made high quality bonding of profiles for Hi-Finity innovative system. This work requires extremely low deviations for IGUs dimensions, thickness and flatness as well as precise positioning of profiles and control of tolerances for final units.

250 City Road UK London 250 City Road UK London
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