Project’s feature is extra transparent double glass units with high selective coating Guardian HSSN 70/37. All glasses are low iron.


Location: Dublin, Ireland

Area: 11 500 sqm.

Architect: MAHONY PIKE

Project description

Capital Dock is a urban quarter at the heart of Dublin Docklands extending over 4.8 acres. It gives an exclusive opportunity to occupy premium office and residential space in a prime waterfront location with amazing views of the Grand Canal Dock, Landsdown Stadium and Dublin Port. Designed according to the international best practices, Capital Dock's high performance buildings with three LEED Gold standard.

The project’s feature is very transparent DGUs contains only low iron glasses, including high selective HS SN 70/37 coating on low iron substrate. It provides maximum daylight inside the building but at the same time control of solar heat inside and thermal insulation.

Capital Dock Ireland Dublin Capital Dock Ireland Dublin
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