Double glazing units with high selective coating, customized grey color sealing and pressure valves.


Location: Almaty, Kazahstan

Area: 10 000 sqm.

Architect: ARIYAN

Project description

Hotel Grand Asia in Almaty (Kempinski hotel chain) is an ellipsoidal shaped building with the effect of plastic facade, located in the foothills, the most picturesque place of the city. This project is expected to be the most impressive building in Almaty, and one of the most impressive in Kazakhstan.

Customer's choice was focused on exclusive solutions: structural glazing, including multifunctional outer panes, with the use of non-standard sealing (silicone and butyl) of special gray color (RAL 7040). Thus, by offering this solution, we fulfilled one of the most important architectural requirements - visually homogeneous structural facade.

Also pressure valves were used because the project is located in a high-mountain area.

Grand Asia Kazahstan Almaty Grand Asia Kazahstan Almaty Grand Asia Kazahstan Almaty
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