Extra large triple glazing units with dimensions up to 3×4 meters with segmental U-profiles and sound control properties: fully tempered outer pane with solar control coating, middle and inner laminated panes with low-e coatings. 


Location: Tallin, Estonia

Area: 1 500 sqm.


Project description

New Hilton hotel in Tallinn is one of the most unique and exclusive architecture project in the Baltic States nowadays. It is our second project, operated by Hilton Worldwide. GLASSBEL solution for this hotel totally met the requirements of Hilton group. For the project we supplied DGUs with grey body-tinted glass of really big dimensions (3134×4180 mm) with segmental U-profile.


One of the most important requirement was high level of noise proof, which was successfully achieved by the use of our product – laminated glass with special sound-absorbing film. 

Hilton Tallin Estonia Tallin Hilton Tallin Estonia Tallin Hilton Tallin Estonia Tallin
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