For Lombard Road projects we supplied laminated panes of different types: for balustrades, shaped canopies with color Vanceva foil, digitally printed decorative panels. All panes are low iron, some with SentryGlas interlayer.


Location: London, UK

Area: 3 700 sqm.

Architect: Patel Taylor

Project description

28-storeys landmark residential tower of Lombard Road creates a focal point for this important site on the river and a unique shape along the riverside with its rotating balconies. The project was developed by awarded architect Patel Taylor. On the outer facade of the building each floor is turned for about two degrees, creating an effect of a curvature and a continuous flow.

Our scope of works includes extra transparent balustrades and canopies with Sentry Glas interlayer and low iron glass; digitally printed décor panels; shaped canopies with Vanceva colored film.

Lombard Road UK London Lombard Road UK London Lombard Road UK London
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